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About Dr. Rahul Mathur

He has had many happy patients in his 6 years of journey as a Psychiatrist. He is a qualified MD- psychiatry (Guwahati medical college chandigarh)[All Assam Topper in post graduate MD psychiatrist Examination],Ex Senior Registrar – PGIMER Chandigrah,Ex Senior Registrar – Drug De-addication & Treatment Center(DDTC), MBBS – DAVV (Gold Medalist). You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Rahul Mathur .
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I’m a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.

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Addiction / Substance Use Disorder

Substance Abuse versus Addiction?
Understanding the Difference Between Abuse and Addiction
Substance manhandle and substance compulsion are regularly utilized reciprocally. In all actuality, individuals dependent on substances and individuals who mishandle substances are extraordinary. While both effectsly affect a person’s life, knowing the distinction between mishandle versus fixation will enable you to comprehend and cure the circumstance. The individuals who manhandle medications liquor still have control over their lives, while those with a compulsion have an infection that influences numerous parts of their life. Individuals with habit may appear to just have a mishandle issue, when in all actuality their life is starting to go to pieces. Essentially, those with a mishandle issue may appear like they have an enslavement, however they really are responsible for their substance utilize.

Mood Disorders

Temperament issue are a class of diseases that depict a genuine change in state of mind. Sickness under state of mind issue include: real depressive issue, bipolar confusion (insanity – euphoric, hyperactive, over swelled inner self, impossible hopefulness), constant depressive issue (enduring poor quality despondency), cyclothymia (a gentle type of bipolar issue), and SAD (regular emotional issue).

Psychotic Disorders

Crazy issue are extreme mental issue that reason irregular reasoning and discernments. Individuals with psychoses put some distance between reality. Two of the primary side effects are fancies and visualizations. Dreams are false convictions, for example, suspecting that somebody is plotting against you or that the TV is sending you mystery messages. Mental trips are false observations, for example, hearing, seeing, or feeling something that isn’t there.

Anxiety Disorders

Uneasiness is a typical response to pressure and can be useful in a few circumstances. It can caution us to risks and enable us to plan and focus. Tension issue vary from ordinary sentiments of apprehension or nervousness, and include over the top dread or uneasiness. Uneasiness issue are the most well-known of mental issue and influence almost 30 percent of grown-ups sooner or later in their lives. . Be that as it may, nervousness issue are treatable and various viable medicines are accessible. Treatment enables a great many people to lead ordinary gainful lives.

Sexual Disorders

Sexual – This Sexual Disorders point focus contains data about paraphillias (all the more regularly known as sexual corruptions or deviancies). It would be ideal if you investigate our Sexual Problems subject focus in the event that you are keen on more regular sexual dysfunctions.
Paraphillias are scatters of freak sexuality. As characterized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the clinician’s symptomatic book of scriptures), they include intermittent dreams, inclinations or practices of a sexual sort that middle around kids, non-people (creatures, articles, materials), or hurting others or one’s self.

Paraphilic-At the point when a man has a paraphilia, he or she is sexually stirred by a protest or action that the vast majority don’t consider sexually invigorating, for example, excrement or making foul phone calls.
On the off chance that the paraphilia causes the individual pain or causes misery, hurt, or the danger of mischief to others, it is named a paraphilic issue.
Paraphilias can happen at any age, yet they are most regular in individuals matured 15 to 25 years. Men will probably have paraphilias than ladies are.

Sleep & Wake Disorders

Rest issue include issues with the quality, timing and measure of rest, which cause issues with working and pain amid the daytime. There are various distinctive kinds of rest issue, of which a sleeping disorder is the most well-known. Other rest issue are narcolepsy, obstructive rest apnea and fretful leg disorder.
Rest troubles are connected to both physical and passionate issues. Rest issues can both add to or intensify psychological well-being conditions and be a side effect of other emotional well-being conditions.
In essential care, 10-20 percent of individuals grumble of critical rest issues. Around 33% of grown-ups report a sleeping disorder side effects and 6-10 percent meet the criteria for a sleeping disorder issue.

Childhood & Adolescent Psychiatric Disorder

This area contains data about youth issue or kid mental disarranges, which are generally analyzed in earliest stages, youth, or pre-adulthood. Youth issue are ordered as learning issue and formative disorders.Learning issue otherwise called learning incapacities incorporate a range of scatters, for example, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia. Consideration shortage hyperactivity issue is another sort of learning disorder.Developmental issue are a gathering of conditions that show up amid the formative time of the tyke. The greater part of the handicaps may start in the embryo however some can show after birth because of damage, disease, or different variables. Extreme introvertedness, cerebral paralysis, discourse issue, mental impediment are sorted as formative disorders.You can read and comprehend about different youth issue, their causes, side effects, analysis, treatment, and how you can help as a parental figure

Other Psychiatric Disorder

A mental issue is a psychological maladjustment analyzed by an emotional well-being proficient that enormously bothers your reasoning, mind-sets, or potentially conduct and truly builds your danger of inability, agony, passing, or loss of opportunity.
What’s more, your side effects must be more extreme than a normal reaction to an irritating occasion, for example, typical distress after the passing of a friend or family member.

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